Promising land for the World Manufacturing


CITIC·Wanxinda Group will develop and construct the "Promising land for the World Manufacturing" in the Batang Comprehensive Industrial Park. The project land is expected to be 600 hectares, with the first phase of 200 hectares and the second phase of 400 hectares. It is planned to introduce 1,000 hectares within 5 years. enterprises, with a total investment of approximately 12.5 billion yuan, creating approximately 600,000 jobs. The proportion of local employees will account for 99%, which will create a large number of local jobs. "Promising land for the World Manufacturing" will lease land in the Batang Comprehensive Industrial Park to start construction, with a lease term of 80 years. In addition to the 600 hectares of land for the above-mentioned planned projects, CITIC Wanxinda Group has priority in leasing other lands held by Batang Comprehensive Industrial Park.

Promising land for the World Manufacturing

  • Industrial Park Introduction and Vision

Light industrial factory It is a two-story building, mainly used by manufacturing companies that produce electronics, textiles, bags and other products; the monthly rent is estimated to be Rp44,000/㎡

Equipment factory building It is a ten-meter-high one-story building, mainly used for cranes and other heavy machinery equipment; the monthly rent is estimated to be Rp61,600/㎡


Two countries, two parks·coordinated development

Project establishment·Borrow the east wind and break the waves

Promising land for the World Manufacturing is an important part of the construction of China-Indonesia "two countries and two parks". This project cooperates with the world's leading industrial new city operators to implement the "Belt and Road" initiative and jointly create a high-quality international production capacity cooperation platform. After completion, it is planned to introduce domestic and foreign companies to settle in and jointly create a multi-party collaborative industrial cluster development ecology to help local companies develop and upgrade the industrial chain, empowering them to welcome the new future!

China-Indonesia Belt and Road Initiative


China-Indonesia “Two Countries, Two Parks” Cooperation Project

Fujian is the core area of ​​the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and has close economic and trade cooperation and exchanges with ASEAN. Indonesia is a major gathering place for overseas Chinese from Fujian, and exchanges between the two sides have a long history.

In 2018, Fuqing City, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, proposed the idea of ​​a China-Indonesia "Twin Parks" (hereinafter referred to as "China-Indonesia Twin Parks") to explore the establishment of a twin-park cooperation mechanism with industrial interconnection, facility interoperability, and mutually beneficial policies. The Chinese side takes the Yuanhong Investment Zone in Fuzhou, Fujian as the main body, and the Indonesian side takes the Bintan Industrial Park, Averna Industrial Park and Batang Industrial Park as the main body to build an international division of labor and cooperation platform focusing on the industrial chain and supply chain, and create a joint venture between China and Indonesia. The green channel for investment and trade has made the “Two Countries, Two Parks” an important platform for undertaking related cooperation projects under the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.






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